Sunday, January 30, 2011

CM scrapbook expo!

Hi Ya!

Hope you had a great weekend so far!

Wow! did I have a good time at the HUGE scrapbook expo! AMAZING!

Each year for the past 8 or so I have been able to attend the Creative Memory Scrapbook Expo... over 1600 scrappers attend this event.

This was my first year attending as a digital customer! Yeah! I got to learn new technics and get new ideas for my pages.  There are lots of free stuff and LOTS and LOTS of new ideas and pages and CLASSES!

Eat at Joes Crab SHACK

There was the prettiest sunset from Joe's, I could not miss taking the shot!

This was a lot of fun! WORTH THE wait in LINE!
Joe's Crab ShackImage by Frank Kehren via Flickr

It is Satruday evening, my hubby just picked me up from Expo Center. We decided to try out Joe's Crab Shack for dinner, and Vancouver has one just over the bridge from the Expo center!

Joe's is located right on the river and I happened to catch a BEAUTIFUL sunset walking in!

It was busy so we had to wait for a table, about 25 minutes but the service was good and we order the classic steam pot with LOTS of crab!!!

Joe's Classic SteampotImage by wEnDaLicious via Flickr

Does that NOT look amazing?!  I love crab! Yum!

We had a great time, we got drinks and bibs and lots of crab and the wait staff dances and sings and keeps you enteratined.

Sawyer even made it out of there with a blue shark friend!!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How efficient is your house? How green can you be?

Ok so I know that we by NO means are that green.  But I have made a concious effort to do things to our house and around the house to be MORE Green.

I have done small things like request the free green kit from PGE. It had the new light bulbs, flow restrictors for the kitchen sink and also a new shower head.  We installed all that and changed out all of our light bulbs, or at least 90% of them.
Image showing both a fluorescent and an incand...Image via Wikipedia

We upgraded to a high efficiency heat pump with programable thermostat.  We updated our water heater to a newer gas heater.. we cleaned out our vents and checked the performance of our heating.. and now we are looking at upgrading our windows. 

The windows are a LARGE investment but I think we will really like the new look and also the peace of mind of how well they will stand up.  I cannot wait to get them.  We get a new heavier duty slider to the back yard and a new window installed in our bedroom to add that much more natural light to our room. Yeah! Plus all the bedrooms will have windows that seal and hold in the heat and shut out the cold! yeah.... Cannot wait to show how they look in about 4-8 weeks!

There still are a lot more things that we can do to be more Green, like updating some of our appliances.  But that is for another year! Ha... will update with more when it is HERE!
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New Tattoo


I did it, I got my tattoo updated and I think it looks really good and should be able to last the test of time better than the old one did.

Ok I have to say though that the outline, REALLY smarted, but otherwise it was great!  Love the color.

Sorry again about the blurry photos, obviously I do not take good photos of my own ankle! hehe
But at least these show how it looks.. NOT BAD I say :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Do yOU SCrapBOok?

For the past 8 or so years I have become an avid scrapbook.... for reasons unknown...

partly for the memories and partly because my girlfriend was into it (creative memories)and showed me how much fun I could have and how many neat people I could meet.

Scrap booking has made me become a better photographer, I can work on getting the right subject matter, and the right light in them, but I am still not good at seeing the beauty in a shot before it is taken... I want to learn, I want a better camera... I want!! :)
A digital scrapbook layout showing a varied us...Image via Wikipedia

I have also gotten to the point where I want to change the routine I am in,in the past I did a yearly family book and also a few baby books and trip albums here and there... I want something different now.  I have started to do a lot of the digital scrapping instead of the paper, that is different and still the same...
Making Memories preprinted tag on a card.Image via Wikipedia

Where to begin? Where to end? what kind of projects? ideas? please any input would be great!

Made for Hampton Arts 2009 CatalogImage via Wikipedia
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This next weekend I am attending an expo for creative memory scrap booking... maybe I will get some new ideas there!

Feel free to give me some of your ideas too!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Skiing on Mt Hood... @Timberline!!

This morning starts off with Sawyer waking early... and these are the looks he gives to me across the breakfast table.....

I am getting out today with a friend. I get to go to Mt Hood Timberline and snowboard!!!
Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake, Oregon.Image via Wikipedia

Snow boarding......skiing........ oh my!

Here are some shots on the mountain... it was NOT a perfect weather day, but it was still a lot of fun!  I got a lesson from a pro snow boarder and let me say my BUTT hurts from falling :)
Look there is Kali in the green pants!  You GO GIRL!!
On the way home we stopped off for a bite to eat, cuz let me tell you we worked up an appetite and I was SURE thirsty too!

Skyway Cafe in Zig Zag did just the trick! Moroccan Coffees and flickles (fried pickles) YUM!!

Thank you Kali for such a great day on the Mountain... more to come!!

Oh and I almost forgot here is a followup to my farmbed post.... Hubby finished the bed!!

Sorry about the blurring pictures, the bed LOOKS great and I am so glad I got the plans from Ana-White
website, truly amazing!
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Farmbed take 2

It is getting closer to being done......

Here is the finished Head board and foot board...

I will follow up more when it is finsihed and in the room! :)

Birthday Night OuT!

For my Birthday, we got a friend to watch the kids and off to dinner and a movie we went.

Oh and did I tell you about the flowers that my family got for me?

For dinner I was taken to the Lake Oswego Lakehouse..... very nice....

I got a champange cosmo and crab dip to start off........... wow was that worth it! So good...
Oops my drink was SO good I missed the photo of it full!

We had seafood prescuto... YUM.......

Molten Lave cake for desert! Oh YUM........ calories DO not count on birthdays right?

I thought we had timed dinner just right to go straight to the movie Black Swan, but we missed it by a half hour..... so we needed to kill some time......

The only place open to kill some time near the theatre... BIG LOTS!.... interesting store...
need I say more?

The movie was good, scary in places and a little whacked..... wow that swan is crazy!

Thank you my Sweet for dinner and a movie........... Love you :)


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