Friday, July 30, 2010

Kah-Neeta Vacation

Kah-neeta campground, what all can I say about it other than it is in Warm Springs OR, and wow was it WARM! The first day we were there, I met my girl friend and her family and great minds think alike because we each had on the same top! HA.
It was so great to spend time with Ali and her girls.  I forgot how nice it was to have a close girlfriend around to talk to and hang out with.  I would definitely want to make this reoccuring summer trip, maybe change the destination but not the company. Ashlee also made a close friend and really enjoyed playing with the girls.  The swam  together ,roasted  marshmellows and played beach volleyball, got filthy making sand angles, watched some TV on the DVD that Eric brought along, they even played some mini golf, which Ashlee really liked, to quote her " I liked it because I could hit the ball in the hole myself".
We roasted marshmellows and made s'mores.
We made new best friends and wow did the pool get a lot of use, the slide and all the comes with it!
We loved the pool, and the slide was a HUGE hit!
Look at all the girls.. Ashlee, Delaney, Niki, and Katlyn
We played mini golf!
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Dickey Creek Hike

Getting an early start from home to get on the trail before 10AM sounds really easy but wow it took a lot just to get out of bed and get going to Estacada to pick up Kali and go!  Those forest service roads in Mt Hood forest are pretty scary too, tiny over grown not sure where road is ... this is a road!??ok we finally make the trailhead for a hike, not the one we started out for but it will do, OH my there are at least 7-8 other cars... no way, other people went on this road?!!!?

The trail starts out in a nice shade cover and not too steep or narrow, then the book tells us there is a 500 ft downhill scramble HOLY COW!!!! The dog even had to sit down and rest!
 All in all the hike got better and I was so glad that we did get somewhat of an early start, the sun was out and it was starting to get warm.  I absolutely love hiking in Oregon, each one that I have been on was unique in its own way and totally worth the effort.
My hikes so far this year have been so different than years past, I miss my hiking buddy Dakota.  He past away in February of 2009.  He loved going hiking, that is what he lived for on the weekends!  My new dog Daisy, does pretty good on the hikes, she has tons of energy and can go and go all day, just like my Dakota, but some things will never be the same.
Ok getting back to the hike, Daisy led the way through overgrown trials and we even had to climb over a creek on a big fallen log, that was SCARY, I hate heights!  A few miles up the trail we came along a lilypad pond, which was not accessable to the dog, thank goodness.  She would have been a big mess otherwise.

To be able to escape the city life and relax and unwind out here in mother nature, there is no better place.  In my personal opinion, but hey just thought I would throw that in. Plus I got in a great workout we were all so tired!  Thanks for a great hike, great scenery, and company Kali!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strong will!!

Sawyer is now 12 months old and he is so great in so many ways but one... he will not eat grown up food.  Sawyer is such a happy boy, so well natured, but he can be so stubborn and not want to try new foods. 
It would not be that bad if he would accidentally take a bite of something new but he will not even get close to it.  I have to almost hold him down and try to shove the food in his mouth so that he will taste it.  Sometimes he will break and eat it, but then when I try to feed it to him again, he will not eat it.  AAUUUGHHH so frustrating!  He would not even eat his cupcake at his birthday party!
His pediatrician tells me that he should be eating what we eat.  yeah right!  He eats yogurt, pudding, ritz crackers and maybe some cheerios!  That is a well rounded diet huh?  We started blending up some dinner to feed to him, but he knows that it is in a bowl and will not try it.  Eric did try washing a babyfood jar and putting food in there, but he will not eat that either.
How can such a happy go lucky child be SO picky eating?! 
Not to fret!  I know I have only been trying to get him to eat these things for a few months now but it seems as though it is a losing battle!  How do I get him to eat or even try new things?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sawyer is 1 year old already!

Wow I cannot believe that a year has past already!  So many things have happened, yes, but how they go by so fast.  I still remember thinking when is he going to be here?  I cannot be pregnant anymore!!
Then BAM he is here and oh so small and cute and cuddly.  I went through the usual when will we ever get sleep again and how am I going to get him to nurse?  Next minute he is all pudgy and going through clothes like crazy.  The last year has gone by so fast, I am so thankful for being able to stay home and watch him grow.  Now I am trying to stop nursing and moving on to the sippy cup and whole milk. 

Sawyer is really starting to show his own little personality too.  He is always happy and loves to play peekaboo!  he giggles and then crawls off at warp speeds, then does the flop and roll on the floor, giggling to entire time.  It is hilarious!

He is so close to walking, but so far away from it too.  He walks along the couch and table no problem, but he is still a little wobbly standing on his own.
Sawyer's eyes are still really blue in color, I am pretty sure that Ashlee's eyes were starting to turn brown before her first birthday.  I am hoping his will stay the bright blue!  His hair is really starting to come in, but it is still blonde, I love it.

Solid foods have been not so easy with him so far.  He does not like any food that has texture to it.  He would rather eat baby food.  It took a lot to get him just to eat a cupcake with frosting for his party.  He  loves ice cream, yogurt, pudding, and ritz crackers.  Slowly but surely I am trying to get him to eat regular foods.  He does not even want to eat macroni and cheese!  It will happen I know, it will just not be as easy as it was with Ashlee. 
I know stop comparing him to Ashlee.... he is his own person... thank goodness.


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