Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Trip to the TOP of the WOrld!

This last weekend we were in Eastern WA preparing for our next junk show.  We took a little time out from all the work to take in the views from the top!  Steptoe Butte!
 They say on a clear day you can see up to 80 miles and three states, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington....

Steptoe WA

Ok ... back to work!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's softball time!!!

Ashlee started softball this year and so far... she is having a great time!! 

 and... I will say...I am enjoying my new camera and being able to catch these great shots!!!

is that the look of determination or boredom?

that is Determination there!

the cheering section!!

 Go team mate!!! Anna!

Great game!....love the laughter!

what a great game... Lets go FIREBALLS!

Run Girlfriend...RUN!!! 5k Race!!

Today was our race in Sandy OR.
And of course the rain did show up!! 
at the cold,wet line up..just before the fun BEGINS!!

We got some great goody bags and this years shirts are Pink!! Love❤

Considering the rain I had a pretty good race. I did not have to walk at all and I finished 48th out of 252!! Yeah me!! And I was so proud ... My girlfriends finished with great standings too. We all made the first I'd three pages for our times!
Thanks girlfriends!! 

Until next year!!!
Best Dam 10K Run09/25/106.2Ann Porteous35FOregon City01:07:370:10:5429032Course ResultsShamrock 201203/17/123.1Ann Porteous38F 0:31:320:10:10  Course ResultsRun Girlfriend Run 5K05/20/123.1Ann Porteous37FOregon City00:29:560:09:39273Course ResultsBest Dam 10K Run09/22/126.2Ann Porteous37FOregon City,01:01:190:09:5327734Course ResultsShamrock03/17/135Ann Porteous38F 0:53:170:10:39  Course ResultsRun Girlfriend Run 5K05/18/133.1Ann Porteous38FOregon City00:31:110:10:03483Course Results

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

It's a wonderful day!  Breakfast with my family and now some outdoor time on Powell Butte.

Happy Mother's day !!

oh and here is a shot of My Mother and me at Lake Chelan!!  Love it!  Love you mom!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pigs on a wing!!

So a couple weeks ago some of my girlfriends saw this Groupon for a painting class and a drink for a great price. We decided why not and signed up. I went to the website and each night or week there was an option different themes etc. but trying to mesh five busy moms schedules is always fun and we ended up with "Pigs on a wing!! "

 Here are a couple paintings I saw while getting ready to start ours!! I love the POPPIES !!!

The class begins by the paint instructor showing us how to draw the painting in a different color paint. A sketch of some sort. 

Arriving  there we received  our instructions to get an apron and some paints, brushes, our drinks and find a seat infront of your canvas and easel.   As I got my tools I look around at faces and are there are all ages here and men,women of varying ages. 

This is great environment for people watching. 

Using acrylics, they dry fast.  Early on I the thought process I decided I am not wanting to do pigs. I wanted to do chickens but after I began they kind if turned into chickadees or sparrows.  So I went with it. 

The best part is to be looking around the class. There were lots of different interpretations of the pigs and I even saw one artist that did flying monkeys. (Wizard of Oz) some were perfect, some were sketchy but still very very creative!!

And to quote my friends " I do not paint" and at the end they were saying " I painted that and it really looks like pigs"! Yeah!!!

This was a fun evening!! If you are looking for something different to so with your spouse or just just friends I suggest it!! 
Thank you much Diana and Carrie for suggesting this night and for Sure we are looking to so another PAINT night out!!


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