Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mason Jar snow globeS!

Our next Christmas Craft project!  found lots of ideas on pinterest!  will show you what I come up with when I get them finished!
I found this on pinterest and it will be my starting point :)

Kids Craft Christmas Ornament

Hand made search and find ornaments!  Have you Kids make some of these great decorations today!  So quick and easy to do, and they can be customized for your tree..
(found this on pinterest!  wow I love that site :))

Items needed;
Clear Ornaments (I used the oval shape plastic) glass or plastic
miniature ornaments to go inside the clear ornaments
Stuffing Beads (found in the quilting section of Michael's)
Tags to mark down the search and find lists

Step1. put in mini ornaments

Step2. fill half way with the stuffing beads

Step3. Use tags to make a list of items to find in the snow!

 you are finished!  Hang on your tree! Enjoy!

Letters to Santa!

I am not sure about your house but at my house my kids CANNOT stop thinking of things that they would LOVE for Santa to bring them!
Here is their lists....

Hope Santa can pick a couple things off the lists!! Thanks

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Monday, November 26, 2012

11.27 tree
Yes it had to be my Christmas tree!!! Looking all sparkly and gorgeous!!! Love this season !! :)

Photo a day 11.26

In the cupboard. Sure seems as though I have allot of bowls. Lol. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkeys and Tie Dyes

Thanksgiving time brings the Tie Dye and Turkey tradition out in my local Mom's Club and each year we get to go to Julie's house and her and her three girls show us how to tie dye a shirt and make cute little turkeys out of candy and cookies!  It is always lots of fun! here are some shots from that day!
There was a good turn out of kids too.. Some of the moms in attendance: Julie Schedler, Melissa Gettman and her kids, Tessa Laib, Carol Evens, Alice Edgecomb, Ann Porteous, Stacie ( I think) ....anyway there were LOTS of kids!
Here we are trying to make turkeys from Oreo and candy corn!

 Look some got made without being eaten!!
 Lots of silly faces going on too!
 I think Sawyer really likes Riley...maybe it was Rorey? (not sure :))
 Here is Ashlee's master piece turkey !!
 And Now here are some from the tie dye... Check out the enthusiasm on their faces?!!
 protective wear... very important! GLOVES
 Sawyer chose to do one swirl on his shirt!
 Now to carefully apply the dyes!!

 Ashlee chose to do a big swirl all over the shirt!

Here is a look at the finished products!  Great job!
thanks for the fun ladys as always!


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