Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Paint Night

For my birthday we decided to try water color painting....
here is the picture that we signed up with.....

both Ashlee and I have painted with acrylics and are pretty comfortable trying that at home on our own but I know less about water colors... so

Monday, January 23, 2017

Basketball ALL weekend!!!

We had an eventful weekend of Basketball...

Ashlee has her tournament.................

  plus we all went to see the older girls play at the high-school; JV2 and Varsity... great games...great girl time!

Girl Scouts in January....

So much to do....So little time... we have goal posters and booth decor and THinking Day prep... oh MY!! these girls are so crafty! love seeing them work together to create!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

week in review photo challenge

Moments that matter photo challenge

day 1//routine (coffee and breakfast)

day 2// Cozy...

day3// favorite..
my favorite is camping at the beach with my Fam!!
 and the CUDDLES!!
4// mess... my boy's room... actually this is NOT bad...
wow what a place!  I cannot wait to see the real one in PARIS!!!

6// Home
this is what I think of as home.... the rolling hills of the Palouse!

nothing expresses color better than SPRING Blooms!!!

Cookie TIME!!!

Yes it is that time again!!! Girl SCout COokies!!! My girl is selling for a BIG goal this year of Camp with her fellow scouts !!!!
please let us know if you want to support her troop and individual Camp goals!!!
for some extra fun.......

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New year... new LOOK and Blog name!!!

Hi all! yes its is still me... I just have been working on some changes and here is the main one!! my blog has a new name! The Vintage Crafter...
 still allot of the same content just a new look and name!
 thanks for joining me!!


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