Saturday, September 28, 2013

Best Dam Run ... Well maybe.

Today was the annual best Dam Run 10k. I have not really been able to do a lot of running in the last month. So I felt very in prepared for this run. 
The weather was not really cooperating. All morning before the race we were stuck in showers, but at least it was still warm. 

We made it through the race and the rain actually held off until  after the race.  

Love this!! We all got medals!!! Yeah!

Great day ladies!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

my Latest School Scrap Pages

Why does it seem like we have no time?  I am sorry I have not been able to update more... but here are my current school pages for Ashlee!

remember... if you like what you see on the scrap pages... please be sure to head on over the and use my coupon code to download your own software and START scrapping!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

weekend Fun!

This weeks we got to visit friends and go to the children's museum in Olympia. Wow how fun!!

Thier favorite room was the crafting room, they got to create out if drinks recycles and clay and color and imagination. ;)
Love what they created.

The kids always enjoy visiting the cows and saying Hi to new calves on the block.

     This one sure made me Smile ;)!!

Thanks for a great weekend!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kitchen makeover... Finally RESULTS

So I have been wanting to change my cabinets in the kitchen since we moved in this house almost 8 years ago.  I have had a long time to think about what I want and we are on a tight budget so brand new is OUT of the question... so I have come up with ....
Painting my cabinets.... 

I have always thought that my kitchen was dark, so bringing in white and maybe a pop of color would help to brighten it up!  Chalk paint is the answer!!!
 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint... Old Ochre and Duck Egg Blue... 

and finally after much hard work and let me tell you...... a lot of WAXing later.... some finished cabinets!  

 this one is to show the great color contrast!
 I am loving the country farm home feel I get when I enter my kitchen.  Thank you Annie Sloan and Cheryl from Big White Goose Barn for showing me that all it takes is a little bit of paint and some imagination to transform your look!!!

We also added beadboard to the breakfast island and wow does that look nice!

I love the textured that the bead board adds to the ends of the cabinets... such a great idea!

 I wish I was a better photographer so that I could show you how great my kitchen actually looks as a whole put together! :) 

  Love it!! There are still a LIST of wants to be had in here... like the counters and new appliances, but like I said I have NO budget right now... more on those later (sooner than that I hope).

Saturday, September 14, 2013

SOCCER time!!!!

Sawyer's First game... 
well... at least it wasn't Raining!!!!??  the kids did great...

Breast Cancer Walk

It was a great walk and great way to show our support and try to HELP fight Breast Cancer!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

OPen House

Lots of fun at School.... only been in for a week and Open House.... ok we got to meet the teacher and see their classrooms...


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A sneak Peak!!!

Yes, I have been working in my kitchen... and I am getting closer to the finished.... here is a PEAK!!!


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