Vintage River Ranch Antiques... began 2011


Our next shows coming up this Spring:

Vintage River Ranch 2015 Calendar Events

                           February 6-7 Junk Salvation (Hillsboro OR)                   

                    June 6-7 2015 The Farm Chicks Show (Spokane WA)

                   Aug 7-8 2015 Molly Mo Show (Grange Hall Sublimity OR)

                   Aug 22 ReJunk Market(1st Ave Canby OR)

 Dec 5-6 Rebel Junk Holiday Show WA Cnty Fairgrounds(Hillsboro, OR)

Vintage River Ranch 2014 Calendar Events

                            Jan 31st & February 1st 2014 Junk Salvation (Hillsboro OR)

April 18-19th  Plucky Maidens Junk Fest (Portland OR)

June 7-8 2014 The Farm Chicks Show (Spokane WA)

August 8-9th Molly Mo's (Sublimity OR)

August 23,2014 Camas Antique Fair (Camas WA)

dates are all subject to change/cancel at anytime 

Vintage River Ranch 2013 Calendar Events

March 23-24 2013- Plucky Maidens Spring Junk Fest (Portland OR)

June 1-2 2013- Farm Chicks Show (Spokane WA)

July 26,27th 2013-Randall Woods, Vintage Country Affair Battleground WA

August 25th 2013 Antique Show, Oregon City OR

August 31st Camas Antiques Show Camas WA

September 13,14th 2013 Deepwood Estates Vintage Flea Market, Salem OR

Nov 23,24, 2013 Heritage Fair Salem OR

dates are all subject to change/cancel at anytime 

here are some photos from the 3 Hens show

 Wow !! what a view at Loch Lolly!!

Photos from Oregon City Antique Show.....

A Vintage Flea Market @ DeepWood Estate
September 15th presented by Roost REimagined & Deepwood Estate, Salem OR

Come check out our next booth at Oregon City Open Air Antique show on August 26th 8a-4pm

two sisters with the love for Farm parts and all that can be created from it!
Photos from the JUNK Salvation show in June. (another to follow in November 2012)

and now a little more 
Family photos

August Camp trip 2011

Fall of 2010


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