Friday, September 30, 2011

pumpkins!!!! crafts!! EASY can do!

So I was looking around for some more great holiday crafts and came across this post
mini paper pumpkins

So i had to try it out.... here is what I did...

Tools needed;
1. scrap book paper

2. glue gun
3. paper cutter, and paper punch
All these items are things I just so happened to have in house!!
Then you follow these great instructions from this site I mentioned above Mini paper Pumpkins...

this is what you get!

yeah! that was easy!! ;o)

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

photo day 236.....swinging

SWINGING.........................SWINGING..................SWINGING.............that is ALL the boy wants to do!

could be worse?!!! right?!

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photo day 235

I have to start in early for HOLIDAY photo shoots.... practice...take 1!!!

 Not QUITE the look I am going for......

Some of those would be ok other than the deck table in background and Daisy STOPPED looking at me!!

photo; day 234

a little LEAF play in the yard!!
 are you talking to me?
 Toss it is the air?  Like this?!!
 Throw it down on the ground!??
 Shake it all around like you JUST don't care?!!
 walk it out.... walk it out.............
 throw a twig to the dog and watch her CHEW.... like she just don't care!

 Now my leaf is a dart gun "phew, pew, pew".....
 Curse you... no shooting ME?!!!

please join us again for more leaf action in the yard!!! ;o)

Mini Pumpkin craft for kids

Hi there! I was scrolling around on the interenet the other day and came across some great ideas for easy and cheap kids crafts for halloween.

Mini pumpkins!! from acorns!

Want a festive decoration that won't clutter up your porch? Try a patch of mini pumpkins small enough to fit in your child's hand.
  • Acorns
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Black permanent marker
  1. Remove the caps from a handful of acorns.
  2. Coat each one with orange acrylic paint, adding a bit of brown to the acorn's point for a stem.
  3. Let the paints dry, then add a jack-o'-lantern face with a black permanent marker.
As several FamilyFun readers who made this craft found out, some acorns are infested with weevils. The weevils feed on the nutmeat while they develop over the summer, and when the acorns hit the ground in the fall, these insects know it's time to start chewing their way out and into the ground -- or your home. Reader Janie Foster offers a solution: before you start the project, bake the acorns in a slow oven to kill the weevils. Just be careful not to burn the acorns!
So i had to get the kids out to find some acorns so that we could get this project going!!! In between showers... we found some!!

So after collecting it was time to bake for a while in the oven... oh and in case you are wondering.... it was NOT easy to get the acorn hat tops off!! :o)

Our pumpkins did not turn out as nice as the directions... but they sure had fun making them!!
  We got a little crazy and used colored markers to color too!!

Happy creating!!!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

photo day 233

I have found a new obsession...........instagram!!!

                                                                     a little backyard fun
                                        open house school tour.................
                                         Halloween crafts decor!.............................

                                           so many possibilities!! check it out!

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