Tuesday, November 30, 2010


OH........ the ants go marching two by two....into the ground......the ants go marching two by two, the little stops to tie his shoe, the ants go marching down....into the ground...

I found some ants in my kitchen, eeeeeeewwwwwww........and they tried to steal the pumpkin bars!!YUK!!!

 Darn it!  Time to call the Barrier Man!!


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Friday, November 26, 2010

What I am thankful for....

 I am thankful for my wonderful family

..... and all of their love and smiles :)

I am thankful for all of the GREAT food, cooked by my mother-in-law...thanks Sharon!

I am thankful that my daughter learned to say "grace" for our Thanksgiving dinner....

I am thankful that the dog "daisy" did not actually get any food, other than what Sawyer fed her under his chair.

All in all it...... was a great day!
 So T....H....A....N....K....F....U....L....

oh and to top it off, I am so thankful for the great deals that we were able to get shopping on Thanksgiving night!  We are DONE with Christmas shopping! Yeah!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

snow day

Today we got a skiff of snow (well last night and this early morning) and then a little ice to get with

And all the schools are closed....

sure is early in the year to be getting snow or the threat of it here in Portland.....

I have a head cold and 23 degree weather is NOT something I want to play in ....but after we bundle up and head out in the cold, the kids jump right in throwing snow and falling down and slipping around on the deck...

Sawyer thinks the sweeper is NEEDED but it seems to just inhibit his movements.....and his swing is frozen too!
but Daisy sure loves it!  At least for a few minutes!

Look at her GO!!

Mr fix it....

Sawyer loves to play with his tools.  He finds every little thing to fix.  Even if it really does not need it.

Like Scout here.. he needs a plier job done to his nose....So Sawyer thinks.

Uh oh the lawn mower broke down need to fix it...

Oh found Mom's baby wipes need to "clean it up"!!

coloring lesson

Ashlee loves to color

Sawyer Loves whatever Ashlee is doing so this is what happens...

they push and pull and Sawyer climbs on the table so that he can get a better perspective....

all the while sister is NOT happy with him......got to love siblings.....

Thrifty Decor Chick: Silhouette Craft Cutter Giveaway!

Thrifty Decor Chick: Silhouette Craft Cutter Giveaway!

This would be fantastic to win for the holidays!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Craft projects

Ashlee and I love to craft... I have finally found something that we both like to do together.  Although there is some bickering about how the other is doing things ( I know I am the adult here but we are both strong minded hehe).. it goes pretty well and usually turn out to look like what we wanted them to..

Here are a few :
 These little turkeys I saw on another site and had to adjust them a little to fit some of the supplies that I had here at the house.. we had to substitute felt feathers for the real thing.. but they are still cute!

The tree table toppers are still a work in progress, this was just a test one to see if pipe cleaners would work for them to stand up with, they do after a fashion, plus I need a different idea for the tree topper!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bathroom updates

Ok so I started working on a few updates in the kids' bathroom yesterday and wow it turned into a lot more than just painting the walls... I decided to paint the vanity and the light fixtures and add new hardware and just try to update a little bit, although there are still a few things that need to be changed like the counters and the faucets but hey it is a start and I think it is starting to look pretty good.

Here are a few pictures... and you will have to forgive me the starting color of the walls was SO ugly I could not stand to get any pictures of it.  but the new color is GREAT, I got the idea from ... get this... another blog!! yep, it is wood smoke grey by Glidden.  LUV it!!!

Ok the light fixture was brass and I found this great paint that is like the brushed bronze and it even has texture, way COOL! so I did the lights!

 The vanity was oak like this other one that you see here and Yes it too has the need to get rid of tile counter!
 I added a little white paiting and some new hardware... woolllaah!! looks great! like my child proof handles? hehe

 This is a shot of the shower and the new wood smoke grey color on walls and ceiling!!! Luv it!!
 These are some kind of crappy shots of my 70's mirror look! the wall of mirror.... auughhh
I found yet another great idea on my list of blogs for framing the mirror so that it looks brand new!! yeah! I am going to try it!

 Here is my frame made from floor mouldings, it is being glued together with liquid nails, I am going to do a little antiquing to it and liquid nail it to the wall around the mirror, after shots to follow when finished!
What do you think so far?  lots of work.?  oh and I will get shots of the new towel rack that Eric is making also!!

Road trip to Gma's

Today was the day that Ashlee got to come home from a visit at Grandma Porteous' house. 

It was a chilly morning, we left about 10AM.  Had to make a quick trip to Home depot before we left to get a couple more things for the bathroom updates!

Ok back to the trip, I think the little thermometer said 35 when we left.. we were on our way and I see Sawyer in the back seat looking sleepy.....

Uh oh... nap time comes early today!
Anyway we get to Gma's house and low and behold.. SNOW starts coming down!! oh how I wish it would stick!!

But it did not stay... oh well another day!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A dear friend

A day for a long road trip up the I-5 freeway to a little town called Vader. I have a dear friend that lives there, and I decided that Friday was the day to visit. Packing up the essentials for two kids and my Marykay is always fun. I have to quickly run through the laundry list; did I get the diapers? snacks, and the lip balm,? hehe..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The leaves.....

Oh how I love fall, but the leaves...

I know I have wrote about this before but this time of year is SO tiring..

We have lots of beautiful oak trees in and around our yard, needless to say all those leaves have to FALL and on my house and yard and deck they do!!

Looking at this tree, there are still a few left up there but I hope we have seen the majority come down!! because my garden is getting really full! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

holiday wish list.... can I really get something?!!!

I have to write it down or I will totally forget when some one asks me what I would like or want for christmas!! so here are some of my ideas:

The first and most important gift that I want, directed right at my husband....

A new camera... one that has a zoom lens, I want to get better with my picture taking!!
Some new fashion, comfy, warm boots
Some new running shoes, as I think mine has too many miles on them now...
Now down to the good stuff!  I would love a new skirt, nice dark wash jeans, and a comfy warm sweater...

maybe a couple of girlie blouses too!

Now let me think of the little items that are so important yet take up so little room on the list...
I would love to have more updates for my CM software, gifts certificates for digital albums, pedicure gift certificates, storage tubs( I need for craft and Marykay storage)... guess that is all I can think of for now..
oh I almost forgot.......

I want a family trip to hawaii............that would be such a DREAM!!!!!

oh my I think my list could become endless.. better stop for now.. hehe :)


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