Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 Year in Review

Wow I cannot believe that the year 2011 is almost over!  I have had a lot of fun this year!! Just looking back a little I have been BUSY too :)!!

In late January I joined the Oregon City Mom's Club and it has really changed my life!  I have great girlfriends and a great play group of kids for my kids to be to do great parties and functions with!  I love it!  I am really starting to enjoy this stay at home MOM thing ;)!!!  I am even getting pretty good at knitting thanks to my friends in Mom's Club.

This spring I got to visit my girlfriends up North inYelm ,Woodland and Vader and I have to say nothing is better than visiting girlfriends and catching up with old times and making new memories!!
I am also trying to improve my photography skills and build up my blog, which both is going ok... it is a learning curve for sure.

This summer we got to do a lot of little trips to the beach, Rockaway Beach, and Lake Chelan, and Eastern Washington ( to Silverwood Park).... they were all great!  Cannot wait to travel more!  Lake Chelan was a family camping trip and I have to say I am really starting to like our little camper trailer!! SO FUN!!

My favorite of all my trips this summer had to be the MaryKay Seminar in Dallas TX!!! I had SO much fun and was So inspired by all the great people of this company!! I cannot wait to go again!!  I am so happy that I have decided to tackle the personal business and start building a great customer base.  I hope it just keeps growing for me.  This was my second year and I feel pretty good about it.

This fall Ashlee started Kindergarten... Wow my baby is growing up SO fast!! It has been fun to see her excel in school!  I am also liking the fact that I get to join in and help at school and be there for her it is really great!

I am also thankful for another Beach trip in November where I got to spend more time with my older brother and his wife! Wow love you guys :)  Hope my kids did not scare you off !! haha!!

The holidays have been fun.  I enjoy all the crafts and things with my kids, I am really amazed with the creativity that we have as a group.

I have also found this year that I am REALLY liking VINTAGE collecting and well PICKING and want to try to get into that scene a little more.  This last year I visited a few different sales and shows and really LOVE it, I think my sister in law and I are going to try to have a booth of our own at some of the sales and Lots more SALES to come this year!!

More photos and crafts and travels to come in the new year!  Thanks again for following!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

photo day 324

Sawyer's new Toddler bed!! Such a big BOY!!

photo day 323

Some of what is going on here today....
 Ashlee got this for Christmas...could not wait to try it out!!

I am working on a pinwheel New Years Bannner!!

 Hope to have it turn out something like this .... LOVE it!!!
This photo and idea brought to you by Some Where Splendid!


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