Sunday, July 31, 2011

huckleberry..... more like just hiking

Today we set out on a mission.... to get to Mt Hood and look for huckleberries.

 We did call ahead to the Ranger Station to see about how the season of huckleberries is going and they said "Yes they are here and going"... so we left this AM and went Frog Lake... but after hiking for about an hour all we saw were lots of GREEN huckleberries.

 I think it is at least three weeks out still.... so it turned into more of a hiking trip and then we were also able to stop by Ski Bowl and check out the summer activities there!

It was SUCH a gorgeous DAY!!

photo: day 169 barns!

so today I went out to visit a friend in Estacada and low and behold here is a barn right across from her house.... NICE!!

Love it!
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Block Party 2011

It is the end of a great week of Vacation Bible School and the kids got a little block party to play on the bouncy house, fire trucks, face painting, and even get up in front of the crowd and sing us some songs... here are some SHOTS of the fun!

Sawyer LOVED face painting....


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Saturday, July 30, 2011

MY Adventure at the Barn House Vintage sale

So... I went to the BaRn House sale today and what do you know the Fancy Farm Girl and her Trailer Chics were there!! 
(Carol Larsen.... this is for you!!!!)

Ok... now that I am over that Gooouuuush of excitement... here is some of the things I saw at the Barn House Sale...


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