Monday, July 30, 2012

day 30. calm

the only time he is CALM.... asleep!

Pinning Link Up Theme Country Vintage Green

Hi All,
Wow I am really starting to enjoy finding a new theme each week to Pin on Pinterest!

This week's theme is still following with my theme of the last few weeks..... Country Vintage GREEN!

Come join Baxtron{life} and A Night Owl 
here is what I have this week....
these photos are all from my pins on Pinterest...

These photos are all taken by ME from a Vintage Show that I attended this last weekend... Barn House and A Vintage Gathering..... Way Fun!!

Hope you enjoy!!! and can follow me here on Pinterest  and be sure to check out my pages on facebook... LivingwithPorteous and Vintage River Ranch

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

day 25. Heart

Can you believe that July is almost over?  Wow how it has flown... HEART is today!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Country Vintage Red

It's that time again !!! Pinning linkup with nANightOwl and BraxtonLife
so here is what I have been pinning this week!!! I am stuck on the VINTAGE theme... this week is the country vintage RED! ooohhh lala!!

 I think that red and country vintage GO so hand in hand.... so warm and cheery!!
 LOVE LOVE this style suit!!
 I absolutely love this old barn as a dinner date venue or even a wedding venue!!!

 oh this girl is SOOOO sticking Cute!
                                      camp trailers with RED?!!! Oh Yeah BABY!!!

Ok this is my vintage red... and please come check me out on Pinterest!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friends,Farm, Kids & LOTS of Fun

My how times flies... and kids grow... so I have to get a lot of photos.. :)
 The last time that Ashlee saw Anika and Elise... Elise was not walking and had allot shorter hair! :)
 Luckily we had weather that cooperated with what we wanted to do... it was NOT too hot and NOT too wet!
 The kids love checking out all the animals and helping feed calves.........

 I had to visit RED, I first saw her a couple weeks ago when I was here for our Vintage Sale.

 Sawyer.... I think this bike is a LITTLE bit too small........... but you GO get' em!
These are some scrap pages that I have thrown together with some of the photos we took this weekend!
 I love the one of Renee and Anika... SO cute!

Until our next visit. thanks again!


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