Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who wants to Paint? Happy Birthday !!

Today was Ashlee's 7th Birthday party!  we went somewhere new... Ceramic Cafe!  Get your paint brushes ready!

 They all picked out something to paint... and then... let the creative juices take OVEr!!!...

Sawyer and Chase both got some help from their Dad to fulfill their creativeness... turned out unique for sure :)

Sawyer sure painted her Elephant fast... she is a natural at this!

Ashlee and Anna really taking this seriously... their projects came out  Great!

Grandma watching over all this creativeness....
After the painting... they all got to sing Happy Birthday... and Cupcakes!! Ashlee blew out her candle so fast I did not have a chance! LOL

 They sure did disappear fast... must of been a lot of chocolate goodness!
 Nest up is the gift opening... I was so impressed with the creative gifts that Ashlee got!  She really liked them all!  This one is beads that you can pop together to make bracelets, necklaces and lots of crafts.

Aunt Em made a neat PJ gown for Ashlee...she LOVED it and wore it tonight :) Thanks to all that came to the party and made Ashlee's birthday so great!!

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