Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Big 7 already?!!

The 1st of May!! It is Happy May DAY and also my baby's birthday!!
The weather was absolutely amazing so I decided that we needed to visit the Tulip Fields one last time for the season!  was a great day for a birthday!

 There was still lots of color to be seen in the fields and we got a discount per car load since the season is close to an end!  Score!

 Such SILLY sunny faces!

 Oh how they love the pink John Deere Tractor!!
These guys were some of my favorite blooms still there too................ love the flood of colors!

 It is so amazing to me that Ashlee has grown oh so much.... just look at these two photos!!
My oh my how time FLIES... I know... so cliche.... but OH so true!!
 And there is this little face too... Such an additude... LOL!

 They also talked me into the cow or wooden shoe ride... and wow was that BUMPY!!! ugh...where is my pillow?!!

 These next few shots could be a little catiwampas due to the BUMPS!

 can you hear him?... "HI, Mom" how you liking this?

 The next step of visiting the tulips is of course the DUCK RACES!!! Oh MY!

                    And all the neat signs!! LOL
 I am not sure how they like this slide ... it looks so not fun!.. but they can not stay away!! haha

 Horse swing rides ... anyone?!!
 and back to the DUCK RACES....

 and it would not be a Birthday post without adding in some of the pages I have made for this occasion!

 After the tulips we went to dinner... Ashlee's choice and she got a Chocolate Sundae for her birthday surprise!
 Mac n Cheese for dinner!

Happy Birthday Ashlee!  Love you so much! Here is to .....So many more to follow! <3 p="">



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