Saturday, May 18, 2013

Run Girlfriend...RUN!!! 5k Race!!

Today was our race in Sandy OR.
And of course the rain did show up!! 
at the cold,wet line up..just before the fun BEGINS!!

We got some great goody bags and this years shirts are Pink!! Love❤

Considering the rain I had a pretty good race. I did not have to walk at all and I finished 48th out of 252!! Yeah me!! And I was so proud ... My girlfriends finished with great standings too. We all made the first I'd three pages for our times!
Thanks girlfriends!! 

Until next year!!!
Best Dam 10K Run09/25/106.2Ann Porteous35FOregon City01:07:370:10:5429032Course ResultsShamrock 201203/17/123.1Ann Porteous38F 0:31:320:10:10  Course ResultsRun Girlfriend Run 5K05/20/123.1Ann Porteous37FOregon City00:29:560:09:39273Course ResultsBest Dam 10K Run09/22/126.2Ann Porteous37FOregon City,01:01:190:09:5327734Course ResultsShamrock03/17/135Ann Porteous38F 0:53:170:10:39  Course ResultsRun Girlfriend Run 5K05/18/133.1Ann Porteous38FOregon City00:31:110:10:03483Course Results

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