Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Hampshire travel pages

This last week I was able to go out to the East coast and explore some of the great countryside   I spent 3 days in Portsmouth NH and discovered great places to eat and to see.  I saw the Lighthouses of New Hampshire, only three to be exact.  They do not have a lot of coast line.  I also some some in Maine.. just over the state line in York Maine.
(I have some made up some summary pages of my visit .. I took so many pictures I can make a whole scrapbook just from them!)
My first day I was on foot through the town of Portsmouth.  I love how it was so accessible and easy to tour around without the worry of getting lost or turned around.  The first page here is some photos of the sites I saw that day in Portsmouth.

The next day we were able to travel into Vermont to Waterbury and visit a famous brewery.  Home of the Heady Topper Beer.  Alchemist Cannery.  They are a small brewery and only brew one beer right now and what they do brew... is SO good.  On the top beers in the world list.  Eric was so excited to go here. Then just across the way from this cannery was the Ben & Jerry Ice Cream, we had to stop there and see the flavors they had to offer.  On the route back we went down 101 hwy through Orange County to see 6 covered bridges.  The oldest was built in 1879... so neat to see all of them... it was a great day on the road.

there it is... the Heady Topper!! 

 My last day I was able to go to New Castle Island and see the lighthouses of New Hampshire and then also traveled just over the Maine border to York and Nubble Lighthouse.  The view was Amazing and so were the lighthouses.
I feel so lucky to have been able to travel east with my husband on his work travel.  I had a great time and cannot wait to visit again.

New Castle Island lighthouses

New Castle Island Lighthouses

Nubble Lighthouse York ,ME

Rye Beach New Hampshire

The next time I go ... I am so going to check out the hiking and the harbor tours to the Shoals islands... etc.

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