Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teddy Bear Parade with MOMS Club 2013

Thanks to the Great weather and all the MOMS and kids that came out for the parade today!  We had a great time!  

Some of the moms in attendance: Kayla A (with her mom and Emma of course), Liz H ( and her two daughters) Carol E. and Madison, Stephanie T and her two girls, Julie S and two of her girls plus friends, Alice E. and her daughter, Ann P. and Sawyer. Hope I did not forget anyone!  Thanks again Ladies for a great parade!

We even got to partake in some after parade activities such as pony rides and carnival rides... The Ferris wheel was super HOT today!!! Sawyer also found some of the rides to be just right for him too!

Sawyer LOVED the pirate ship by Pietro's Pizza too

Who does not love the Carousel ride?!!! 
 Hot air Balloon rides!!

Great day to be out and about in Oregon City!

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