Friday, August 17, 2012

Visit to Edinburgh Scotland

One of our favorite places in Scotland was the capital Edinburgh.  I love the architecture and history of this city... so full!
 this is the bay bridge crossing the ferth of the Fourth ...into Enidburgh.

 our tour guide through Edinburgh.............Jenny

 I LOVE the red phone booths!  I cannot believe they still use phone booths!

Edinburgh Castle.......

 Our Hotel in Edinburgh.....

 The city park .... like having the Highlands in the middle of the city!

 the bath house at Holyrood castle...

                                                    Holyrood Castle

 Here comes the tour of the Edinburgh castle... with William Wallace statue on the right and Robert the Bruce on the Left!

 this is the castle.... were they have the Crown Jewels....

 soldiers pet cemetery.....
 went to look in the church and it happened to be closed for a wedding.....

 Here is the wedding party coming out of the church after the wedding.....bag pipes and all
 One of our objectives when we decided on this trip was to look up some of the history of "porteous" in scotland and we learned that there was a James Porteous that was Captain of the Bregade or police that had a plaque in Grass market square ... I guess there in the Gallows was to be a hanging and a riot broke out and the captian had his men fire shots in the air and ended up killing people on the second story homes, he was hunted down and beat and eventually killed... we were not able to find the plaque in the square but we found  his grave in the the Grey Friars cemetery.

 see number #24?!!!

 It was a big cemetery but we finally found it!  Yeah!

                               That night we went to the popular Milatary Tattoo....
 lots of bands and marching and Bagpipes and drummers... really, really neat.

 It was a late night but well worth the trip to see.... thank you for a great visit!
The next morning we headed for Northern Ireland...on a ferry across the Irish sea..

Next up Belfast Ireland!

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