Friday, August 17, 2012

Dublin Ireland and Guinness Brewery, and Blarney Stone!

 Welcome to Dublin..... the biggest city in Ireland! Another place with great architecture and history everywhere!

                            Trinity College and the Book of Kells, and the library... amazing

 Anyone for a Guinness?
 the famous lease of 999 years!!!

 Yep I poured the perfect PINT!! and I drank it too!
 Look at all those different guinness bottles!  wow!

the Guinness brewery is 65 acres!!!

I know I have shown lots of castle pictures... but they are endless here, this is the Rock of Cashel!

we are now entering the land of Dairies..... note the fresian cattle? :)

 Next up Blarney Castle............

 this is a tiny window on the way up the tinier staircase to the top of the castle where the Blarney stone is located... did I Say up up up?  yes over a 100 stairs!!!

 looking down.....

 um, nervous much/?!!! yes!!!
 this is the poison garden below....
 waiting to kiss the stone!
Blarney House..........
 more freakin' stairs....

more suckers waiting in line to kiss the stone!
Eric did it! wow! Yuck and Yikes!

see up there in the whole?  yes that is where the stone is!!

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