Saturday, August 4, 2012

A day of Amusement!

Thanks to Eric's work we were able to spend a fun HOT day at Oak' Park and ride all the rides and enjoy some great family time....
this was one ride that I could NOT do... too much Spinning around for me!
 We do love the Ferris Wheel... although I am not fond of heights and I HATE it when you always have to stop on the top.... DO NOT ROCK the seat!!!!
 I am not so sure that Eric liked it too well either... LOL.... Sawyer kept saying " I'm not liking this" but he still had a smile on his face....

 The Carrousel is always a hit.... wow I'm telling you it was HOT... check out the kids' cheeks!
  The one thing that Sawyer wanted to do all day was ride the TRAIN... so here it is!

 I even went on this roller coaster!! OH yeah I am in that car UPSIDE down!! EEEeeek!
Thanks for the great day! Lots and Lots of fun!

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