Thursday, June 28, 2012

knitting.... updates!!

I just realized that I have DONE a lot of knitting and not posted all of my finished items... so HERE they are!

At one time someone asked me if I was going to sell the dolls... and Yes I am... Please message me if you are interested in one! THanks
 I have also been working on some really cute animals: Cats, Bears and a bunny... 

This little guy is Sawyer's favorite... and he reminds me of Chicken Little...
I also did an Owl...
I am on a knitted dish cloth kick too... any kind of pattern I find I have to try out! (ok I crocheted a couple too)

last but not least I found some CUTE chicken patterns... Cluck Cluck!

I am sure there are many more to come stay tuned!!

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