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Dog Mountain Hike

Dog Mountain Hike

Dog Mountain Summit Meadow in late May (Steve Hart)
Dog Mountain Summit Meadow in late May (Steve Hart)

Dog Mountain is a popular hike due to its easy access in the Gorge, beautiful views, and relatively short distance. Don't let the distance and low elevation fool you, however, the trails are very steep and will require some fitness and perseverance. This loop is known for prime wildflower viewing in May and June, but hikes in the summer and fall are rewarding as well. For a moderate hike, you can walk 1.5 miles up to the lower viewpoint. For the more difficult hike detailed here, go all the way to the summit and loop back down. It is even possible to continue to Augspurger Mountain from this area.
Starting from the Dog Mountain Trailhead, hike steeply up through the woods along Trail 147 for 0.7 miles to a junction. The open forest floor in this lower section is filled with poison oak, so stay on the trail. At this first junction, an older version of the trail, marked "more difficult" veers left and the newer, "less difficult" trail is off to the right. The older steeper route has little to offer over the newer version. Follow the "less difficult" trail to the right as it travels up 1.2 miles to the lower viewpoint. Rest here and absorb the views of the Gorge if it's not too windy.
If you're headed for the summit, continue up the trail another half mile, where you will come to the junction where the old trail meets the new one. Though the trail gets even steeper, you'll soon begin to glimpse the summit meadows through the trees. In late spring the site of the yellow balsamroot is usually enough to power your legs as you proceed nearly another half mile to an old fire lookout spot. Here, you can again appreciate the stunning views of the Oregon side of the Gorge.
From here, two trails go to the top creating a loop. The main trail continues off to the left, towards a meadow notorious for being pummeled by high winds. In about 4/10 of a mile you'll come to a signed junction. Continue up, on the right hand trail which is the Summit Loop Trail. At the top of the meadow, follow a short spur trail to a fire ring and a nice, flat area good for taking a snack break and celebrating the end of the uphill walking. Mount Hood just peaks overMount Defiance in the south. You can return the way you came, or continue southeast on the Summit Loop Trail into the woods and meet the main trail back down at Puppy Dog Lookout. This alternate is not as scenic, but is more sheltered and can be a good choice if you are hiking in poor weather. The trail also has a more stable walking surface with fewer loose rocks.
From Puppy Dog Lookout, you can return via either new "more" or "less" difficult routes to the trailhead.

My morning started out with cloudy, rainy day...but I was determined to get OUT there... I met my girlfriend of long time at the Outlet Mall and we headed out to the trail head, all the way there it was showers and sun spots... and LOTS of wind!  But oh the outdoor air and exercise felt so GOOD!!
 There was LOTS of tree cover for the first few miles which was nice, we did not get wet and the wind was blocked out a lot.... as we got closer to the top and view point the wind picked up but we were able to get a view before the clouds and fog moved in.....

 We even tried a shot of us at the view point....notice the WIND? HAHA...

 Love the wildflowers..... and off we went for more to view up top.... but the closer we got to the top the
 more wind and FOG... and less of a view... but check out all the flowers!?

 Love it.... and we had one more shot of us at the TOP...with out hoods up.... COLD brrr!!

 I tell ya, this is STEEEP!! but Oh so FUN!
 well that is it.... we are back down to the bottom and the parking lot is full!  thank goodness we started early!  Here is to National Get OUT and HIKE day!!

until the next adventure!!

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