Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shamrock 2013 over 35000 runners... Makes for a lot of peeps!

This year's team was SO amazing.  we had record numbers sign up! 58 in all.  Next year we will be a Super Team and hit 75!

I was very very nervous that we were going to get SO wet... but the Sun came out!

 ..still chilly but at least there is no rain... this is Kat and I before the run....

 time chip ON and ready to get this run Started!!!

 we started racing and the SUN is out! Yeah!
here is the route we ran today...

 A shot of me and the girls after running the 8k! So much fun!

Cheers Erin and Wendy
I finished in 53.17 (wow that is great for me)
 oh yeah ... oh yeah... I made it .. to the finish line!!!
the best part of the Shamrock race is the free Beer and Chowder after! 

 I am such a lucky girl to get this beer and so much sunshine fun with my girlfriends...

Kali and I at Henry's (my team capt.)
 these shots were taken off Facebook of some of the other team members!

Keith 15K runner
Andrea and son

Keith and Diane after their run!
Kami and friends
Julie and girls..

Kelly and Carol!
Carrie Lewis and friends

Shannon and  Lupe and  Susan (great to have you all part of the ShamWow team!)

post 8k race smiles!!!

Liz and Melissa after the race.... at Henry's
Thank you so much team for such a great day at the races!  We had a great time and until next year!  Run Safe!

PS if anyone else has more photos to share please send them and I can post them on here!  thanks!

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