Monday, March 11, 2013

Soups On and Beer too!

I am excited to share with you about my outing today with the MOMS Club.  It is is called soups on and it is basically we get together and have lunch and share different recipes... we have been tasting everyone's favorite soups.  Today's soup was hosted by Kathy in Boring OR.

 such a NEAT kitchen!! I am really enjoying the uniqueness of this house!

(sorry about the blur) love the chairs in here!
the goats and chickens were Happy to see us!

 Sawyer got to feed them, he was so excited...

 Mom "they took it from my HAND"!!

 and I was in luck because they also have started a Brewery... Boring Brewing Co. check out their facebook page and website

The only thing Boring about this beer, is where it is made. 

kegs ready to sell..

taste of the Blonde

taste of the Stout

 I learned allot about beer, and that I love their beer!

Thanks to Kathy for hosting today.. your house, soup, goats and  Beer are so amazing!!

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