Monday, March 11, 2013

Bend, Bend.... BEND OR

This last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to go on a Snowshoeing trip to Bend!

A group of six of us girls went and met Julie's sister (and family) and had the best weather and LAUGHS... here are some of my shots through out the weekend!

This is just some scenery on the way over......

Carol is knitting us all head bands to wear snow shoeing..... almost done!

some more beautiful scenery and SKIES!!

we hit sonic HALF price drinks!! oh yeah!
We started some brewery beer crawl on Friday... only hit a couple.... but wow that was lots of fun.

I think we liked this one! 
Carol found a tree COZY.. LOL

 The next morning we had to try out this coffee house that Melissa told us about.. Mexican Chocolate Mocha with homemade whip cream... it was TO DIE for...

it is not on the menu board.... that is how special it is!

did have some yummy looking pastries too..
Carol made all of us these great head band/ ear warmers and Liz and I decided we needed to model them!

                                                          I think they will work... Love it!

 we finally made it to the Virginia Meissner trail head and got all of our gear on ... and headed out to the Meissner shelter a top the trial!

Made it to the TOP!! what a view!
This was allot of our first trip snow shoeing ... Melissa...was so excited for a picture... she FELL...D..O..W...N!!
Liz was sweet enough to try to help her up... cuz I was WAY to busy LAUGHING and shooting the Camera!!! :)

Yeah! Melissa has arrived at the TOP! Love it!

Julie and Kara

Darn Phone... were is that?!

Carol needed a celebration drink.. LOL

 the weather was SO A-MAZ- ING!!

look we are planking.. not sure why?!

The whole gang!!
Ann, Julie, Liz, Carol,Michele, Melissa

Had to take a FACELESS portrait in this great SUN!

Afterward we did stop by the actual Deschutes Brewery and had a few more tasters...

Saw this cute bike.. had to get a photo of!

Loved this with the flag and all the mountains!

more of the brewery gift shop!

Shot lots of scenery that day with all the great SUN!

After some much needed R&R, in the hot tub, watching movies, sitting around this great campfire, we needed to see more of the views... so we hiked up Pilot Butte !!!

we also met Marley..(big dog) and little Oliver (tiny dog) So sweet!

oh yeah, nothing like a nice campfire and some cocktails....

This is Pilot Butte Trailhead..

The view from the top.. and all the mountains ... Bachelor, Three sisters, broken top, three finger Jack, Jefferson, and Hood.

This was a great weekend and a great trip!  I am so glad that I got to be a part of it!  Hope we can make it an annual trip!

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