Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Road trip to Portland Maine

Today we set out to find some of the eastcoasts light houses in Maine.
Our first stop is cape Neddick and a walking path along the coast line called Marginal way. 
Near the parking lot was a marina with this huge sail boats and lots of tours. 

It was amazing along the path how the temperature would fluctuate in what seemed about ten degrees.
It was easily 85 at the parking lot and maybe 75 on the path. 

We had to get a shot of the nice house that was right next to the path and this is a small one campared to some along the way. 

Next stop Portland and Cape Elizabeth. 

By far the prettiest light house I have seen is Portland Head!!

Next up sand point lighthouse.

It's kind of short and stubby but still a great view!
And the last one is Bug light. 

While in Portland we went downtown on the warf front...

Our gps took us to this alley supposed to have a lunch stop down there but Siri was so wrong!! Lol
After that curfuffle we went on our Merry way through town. 
The city hall building.. So cool. 

On our way to Freeport to Maine brewing Co.
I was expecting something allot bigger... But still interesting place to visit. 

Had tasters of Zoe and Mean Old Tom.
Eric did find a few that he liked enough to take home. 

Another great day of touring the east coast. 

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