Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ramona falls hike

I love hiking and in Oregon they are everywhere!! The views are amazing. I really want my kids to share in my love for the outdoors. So we set out to try this hike. Round trip it is 7 miles but I had faith that they could do it.

Some info about the hike:
Start point: Ramona Falls 
End point: Ramona Falls
Trail Log: Ramona Falls Hike/Log
Distance: 7.0 miles round trip
Hike Type: Loop
Elevation gain: 1100 feet
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Seasons: Late Spring to early Fall
(when the Sandy River footbridge is in place)
or possibly year round if you cross the Sandy without the bridge
Family Friendly: Yes
Backpackable: Yes
Crowded: Yes
Hike Description
The Ramona Falls Hike is a favorite summer destination for outdoor enthusiasts due to it easy trail, relative proximity to Portland, and it's beautiful climax at the wondrous Ramona Falls. This hike describes and out-and-back trail with a slightly longer loop option. Start south passed the information board. The first mile goes along the south side of the Sandy River. Be careful because the Sandy River can undercut the trail causing it to collapse. 

We got started late morning. It was not too warm yet and nice and sunny. 
The kids were super excited to get started since the trailhead was about. An hour from home. 
Had to get some beginning shots and of Mt Hood. 
Sawyer was So excited that his friend and family could join us on the hike. 

This was a first obstacle... Crossing the Sandy River footbridge!!!
Doesn't look like much from here but... Closer up that water is RUSHING!!
We made it!! Yeah!! And then there were lots of other bridges. The kids really enjoyed them!

We were quite happy to reach the falls and take a break!!

It was great to see my boy and his friend have such a good time on the hike :)
                              ............precious !!!

After 4 great hours on the trails we made it back to the car!! So proud of the kids!!

So glad we were able to try out this amazing hike. It was great!!!

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