Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring break and Oregon Zoo

Its spring break so we went to the Zoo with the Mom's Club! It was perfect weather... not too hot and NOT raining... well most of the time.

 I love how they all are so Inquisitive!!

 Posing in the Eagle's nest!

 Tractor rides are the BEST!
 ....and second to that is HORSE riding!!!

 Giddy UP Horsey!

 Gotta love the girl time..........

 now lets take a snack break with the CHIMPS!!

Oh my it looks as though he is begging!! yes he is... they gave him bamboo!!

 Anyone for the BONGO DRUMS???

 That hut is the funnest place for the kids, they love the drums and bells!! and just to be LOUD!

 My favorite exhibit is the LIONS... so Majestic and Beautiful!

 EEeeek.. watch out for the porcupine!

Tigers.... are out!!! OH My!!

The Zoo was great!  So glad we got to go! Thanks to all that went, Carol, Wendy, Ana.....

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