Sunday, December 28, 2014

My own fingerless gloves pattern

I saw this great pattern for boot cuffs on Pinterest 

and after making a few pairs I figured I needed to try to make some fingerless gloves to go with. 

Here is my basic pattern. 
Size 8 knit needles
Ball of 4 worsted yarn my color is Grand Canyon but any color works! 
Cast on 36 stitches and begin the twist stitch pattern k,k,p all the way across on the(because I chose to use two needles and not double pointed this is where pattern differs from one above).
 (w) side k,p,p to the end on the 3rd row k2t, the with stitches still on needle k into back stich and then p repeat to end of row. Repeat this pattern be sure to do the twist stitch on the 4th row which should be the (R) side. 
After the 5th repeat of the twist row in middle kfb (knit in front and back of the stitch) this will begin the adding for the thumb. 

Repeat each row until you have 8 extra stitches then move extra stitches into another needle and will finish this after, continue Twist Pattern until you have 11 twists in the gloves or until glove measure to desired length on hand. Cast off
Go back to needle with 8 stitches for thumb and Pearl (r) side and k the (w) stitch until desired length. Cast off, then sew sides to main body. 
Sew to form gloves and enjoy!!

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