Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sunny afternoon fun at the TULIP festival

Today Ashlee got out of school early so... went we out in the SUNSHINE to the tulip festival!!
 Wow! not only the sun was out... the COLORS were amazing today!!!

 One of the first things the kids insisted on was the Cow Train... today we rode in the Wooden Shoe train...
 Oh my SOOOOOoooooo bouncy!!! Its not for the faint of heart....

 HA ha that is almost  a pained SMILE face.... hahaha
 We even saw Sawyer's school friend there .... HI Dane! :)  Sawyer was SO excited!

 I cannot get enough of the PINK tractor!!!
 Cannot believe how WHITE Mt Hood looks back there in the distance!

 And.... this week... my Favorites were starting to bloom!!...... The Queen of the Night!!!!

 And the biggest treat of the day.... Fresh Elephant Ears!!!

 The water.... Duck Races!!! Oh My!!

Woohoo... made it!

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