Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Break FUN!

Spring break starts off with a trip to Eastern WA and visit with my brother and sister-in-law.  It was also a trip to get more things to work on before our upcoming Junk show in Portland in April.  It was great, we went junking and my Mom came up to visit and help us out junking.. the kids loved seeing her and even talked into a push or two around the marry-go-round!
 Madison and Carol come on the road trip with us and wow was Madison excited to meet Keno.  She was out there with him ALLOT! Keno loved the attention.
 The kids and I went hiking down the canyon and checked out the cows and their new baby calves... we were so excited to see nice SUNNY weather!
 We also stopped off at Klemgard Park to play around and pass sometime away on the afternoon.
 After a great long weekend in WA it was time to drive home and on the way we took a little detour to Palouse Falls! wow what a sight! Now .... on the road again!
 The last weekend of spring break we were thrilled to head back to the coast and beaches!  We all headed to LongBeach WA! with a little extra time to kill we decided to climb the column.. 164 steps! wow was it windy at the top! thought we would FLY away!!
 Next stop LONG BEACH!
 What is a trip to the beach without a trip to see the nearest lighthouse... in this case.. cape disappointment lighthouse!  wow what a view!

 It sure was great!!! Thank you to Renee, Anika, Elyse!!

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