Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Double digits...the big TEN 10.... how did this happen so fast? A Decade!!!

Oh my where does the time go?  Just yesterday we were blessed with a healthy baby girl.  

She wanted to make her own cupcakes this year for her party.. so she searched and found her flavor... Churro!  thanks pinterest they turned out great!

The big 10....Ten.... Double Digits...... a decade!!!! OH my!

and jsut to be safe she had to be the first to taste test.....

and....YUM! they passed!

Next up... Horse Riding party!  what little girl doesn't love the chance to ride horses? NONE that i know of!.... I am so glad we got to work with these ladies at Amethyst Performance Horses... they were great!
The Birthday girl was FIRST up!!!.... Mount up!

 Anna having so much fun!

Gillian taking her turn to groom!

and now its time for the Cupcakes and Gifts!...

Thnaks to all who helped make Ashlee's birthday great!!! <3 p="">

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