Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break and LongBeach Fun!

A trip to the beach would NOT the beach without a nice WALK on the beach...

Cape Disapointment North Head Lighthouse... is the perfect shot!  love the view!

after visiting the North lighthouse we went to the lodge to check in and then take a walk to the beach but it as been a very wet spring so far and this is a shot of our path to the beach ...... BOO ... must find another way around.

Look its bacon and eggs on the BIG pan!!

Saltwater Taffy and FUDGE!  Oh Yum!
Along the beach trail we did some treasure hunting... found a few and missed a few... there was some high water.... but geocaching is a lot of fun for the whole family!
geocaching fun on the beach!
breakfast ... OH my look at that CHOColate milk?!  where is the milk?  LOL

um... a little hot chocolate with my whip cream!
Thank goodness for some Longbeacg fun rides... bumper cars and a horse Carousel ride!
Horse riding,....... a smile was on everyones face after that!

A short .6 mile hike we made it to the OTHER Lighthouse@ Cape Disappointment...  wow so Cool!

OH My look at that beach!!! GorGEOUS!

Ice Cream anyone!!???

.....the long Bridge to Home....
We had a great weekend.... almost sad that Spring Break is already over....

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