Sunday, October 25, 2015

Zoo safari Almost overnight with Girl Scouts!!

On an October evening we entered into the Oregon Zoo.... 

the crowds are all gone and most of the animals are sleeping,

first stop is Stellar Cove...

and then after stopping by the sun bears

and monkeys we are ready for Dinner... PIZZA, Yeah!

by the time we finished dinner the MOON was out ...
and all the animals were quiet....

but.... not the lion cubs (which are now close to full grown size)
 They came up to the glass and at times even pawed at us through the glass!! and we caught a glimpse of the big Male Lion too!  so cool!

 next up is the hands on reptile encounters!!!
 the first is a sail-fin lizard! 

 and then a red spotted tortoise
 I was not brave enough to get a shot of the python snake..... (sorry)

Next stop is the Veterinary Hospital!

 This is a Porcupine Quil!
 we got to see different photos of X-rays that the Dr had taken of the various animals... the Zoo has 2000 animals and 2-300 different species.
 This is a shot of a Red Frog....
 The girls tried out a Stethoscope to see if they could hear the heartbeats?!
after we walked by the Elephant pen and Sam the 8-9 year old make came up to the gates to say "hello", a brief snack and some videos explaining the animal enrichment program and we were onto our last stops.. the BATS and the Nutrition Center...

We got to see where and examples of what the animals eat and how the measure out and prepare the foods!  Lots of Coolers and Big Freezers to help keep the food fresh and free of bacteria.

 The girls were happy to HUDDLE after the 1 degree freezer trip!! LOL

Tonight was a great Night.... and I cannot forget to thank all my help.. without them these fun nights and activites would not be possible!

Thanks for a great night!

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