Saturday, June 28, 2014

Star Wars party !!

Sawyer is turning five!!!!
Oh my ?!!??! 5!!!!

In a galaxy far far away... Jedi training began.... A young padawan... Turns five and tries to find the force... And how strong it is in him?!!!??!

Party prep happens all over the galaxy... To robe fittings and Light Saber construction.

Tie fighters and storm trooper recruitment!! 

So much to do... So little time!!

Double chocolate and yellow cake with cream cheese cupcakes are a sure hit!!

Love that party face!!☺️☺️👍
let the gifts be OPENED!!!

And so the Star Wars gifts begin!!
Jedi training in the making!!!

Omg... Silly string fights against the Darkside!!!
Oh my look at that silly string mess. 
Everybody got a light sAber and a Jedi robe!!
Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday Sawyer!! 
Wow that cake was So good!!
Up next.....
Photo booth fun!!

Great party everyone!  Sawyer had a blast,... thank you !!!!!

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