Sunday, March 16, 2014

At the sandy Beach.... a time to play... :o)

I cannot go to Tillamook and NOT take pictures of the cheese factory... and today was a GORGEOUS day to visit!

 After our little pit stop in Tillamook... we ventured North on Hwy101 to Garibaldi

   and Rockaway...

 We could not wait any longer... the beach is CALLING...................

what an amazing time on the beach.  The weather was AMAZING and so was the company.. I love watching these kids play, they get along so well together :)....
Next we ventured to Cannon Beach.... got a shot of HAYSTACK ROCK thru the lines..
and lunched at Bill's tavern! Yum!

I cannot turn down a chance to stop at HUG POINT... just cuz the name is so cute and it has some really great views!

Sunday turned out to be a RAINY Day but that does not stop us... we went out to the Cape Meres Lighthouse and at least we can say there were NO crowds!

 Have you seen the Octopus tree?!! Today was my first... SO cool!

This weekend was a great get-a-way.  Thanks so much to Dee and Stacie for joining us there!  So worth the drive over, even if it did rain :)!!

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