Thursday, August 15, 2013

Visit to Eagle Crest

This week we were so lucky to be invited to visit friends at Eagle Crest!  

This is how Sawyer sun bathes!! LOL

The kids LOVED the water park! 

 Our view from the back of the condo....
 More Sunbathing for Sawyer :)

 Prineville Reservoir! amazing....

me and my girlie!

Liz's oldest, Hailey

Hannah :)

He is really having FUN... even though he has the worry face on :LOL!!

snack time!

 Thank you Thank you Liz, this was SO SO much fun!! what a great day at the LAKE!!!

THese next photos are Sawyer, cannonballing into the water.... MR I AM SCARED of water!!! LOL

 Nothing better than a long day at the lake then NICE cold ice cream!!! What a treat!!!

you know you have a successful day when this is the face you get when you turn around to talk to Sawyer!! 
tired little BUDDY..

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