Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fireballs (TBall)?!!... oh yeah.. here we go again!

This is the first year that Ashlee is playing and I think she is really starting to like it.  plus the weather has been cooperating so we can get some games played!  Tonight they play Beavercreek team...

Let's go Fireballs!

 a little bit of warm up before the game... learning how to field the hits....
 Catcher is always a fun position to play because of the cool gear!
 Sawyer really enjoys is iphone play time too ...:)  LOL!!
 Be in ready position.... that ball could come to you at anytime!
 Brecken has found a hole in the dirt and wants to know if anyone else has seen how fascinating this is!???
 oh yeah.... it is SO cool.... 
 Ok Ashlee is ready to hit.... SWING... BATTER!!!!
 Run Girl RUN..... 
 Hi...Sawyer... how is the cheering section going?

 Oh my I could sleep right now too!?? 
 Oh plane.!!!! wow that is a cool distraction!

Go Ana Go... great wave!!

 more Running..... Go Ashlee Go!!!
It was  a great game... and I did not get ate up by the mosquito too bad!  LOL...

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