Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tulips?!!! OH my!! and traditions new and old....

Wooden Shoe Tulip Fields...
for the past 5 years I have visited the tulip fields.. I look forward to this trip each spring.  I know when the tulips are ready, it is finally SPRING!

I remember coming here just my sister and I before we had kids, now look they are 7,5,and 3... and I really enjoy bringing my kids to see the colors and to play on the rides and cow train!

Sawyer found him some needed mustachs! haha

I also enjoy that my Aunt and cousins have made it a yearly trip over to my house to come to the tulips with me too!  It is such a great weekend to look forward too!

Birds eye view of all the tulips!


Tulip truck delivery... oh yes!
who loves the duck races?  Me !! it is a top fun item on the list for the kids too!

I want this!! love the pink!

Sawyer managed to find every tractor there and get up in the drivers seat haha.... go tractor BOY!

just look at the COLORS!! brilliant!

loving this Pink John Deere

and what is a trip to the tulip fields without an ELEPHANT EAR?! oh yeah... maybe TWO!! lol!

I think, I mean I know, Sawyer and Donny had NO trouble finishing them off!

Thanks for joining my story... hope you like the photos as much as I do! Make a tradition!  do you have one for your family? if so?! what!??!

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  1. Wow you are so lucky to live by the tulip farm.
    They are so beautiful. Love the big shoes. What great pictures you took.



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