Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home security? are we safe?

We recently heard about some break-ins in our surrounding neighborhoods which got me thinking..... how safe are we? How safe is our House? Break-ins are traumatic not only on physical property but mentally too.  It can take away your sense of security in your own home, that can affect sleep and also stress levels.  I have a lot of friends that use security systems and also really like ADT.... Home security is Very important, especially when you have a family. 
ADT security systems are great because they can be adjusted for pets and for your specific home layout needs.  We personally like the system because it alerts you when there are certain doors opened.  I cannot see all of the doors from my kitchen and the alarm beeping to alert when the front or back door opening is very helping, its like having another set of eyes on my children. 
It is simple to go to their website www.homesecurityfamily.com and check out all the features and areas of coverage.
Check out their site and see if they could be right for you.


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